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The Art of the Leu Family

by Aia Leu

With a unique approach, this colorful book illustrates the work of the creative and legendary Leu Family from Switzerland. Spanning the years 1953 to present, it contains drawings, etchings, watercolors, paintings, sculpture, and more.

The collection contains selections from Eva Aeppli's life work, Don Feliz's (Felix Leu) surrealistic psychedelic art, the mandala art of Y Maria, works from Filip Leu, Miriam Tinguely, Titine K-Leu, Aia Leu, Tanina Munchkina, Aija S.F. Leu and pieces by other members of the family.

Eva Aeppli, the first wife of Jean Tinguely, was the artistic pioneer of the family. Her children are Felix Leu (aka Don Feliz) and Miriam Tinguely. Felix went on with his wife Loretta Leu (aka Y Maria) to raise a family with many of them also becoming tattoo artists.

Softcover. 191 pages. Measures 9 1/2" X 12"

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