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Mexican Graphics

by Korero Books (edited by Dr. Alderete, text by Antoni Cadafalch)

This full-color hardcover from the makers of Kustom Graphics, Korero Books, features the rich visual world of Mexican graphics including themes based on Lucha Libre, Day of the Dead, hot rods, cabaret, and more. It is an excellent reference for anyone into Chicano and religious-styled tattoo art.

The Mexican influence in the lowbrow art scene is enormous and growing, with contemporary Latino graphic artists are having a big impact on Californian subcultures. This groundbreaking work features the top 30 Mexican and Californian artists on the scene and is edited by a respected authority on the genre, Dr. Jorge Alderete, with text by Antoni Cadafalch who is also the author of The Day of the Dead and Skullface. Biographies of every artist, detailed captions to each work, and an extensive contact section enrich these amazing images.

Hardcover. 256 pages. Measures 8 1/2" X 11"

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