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Ryushin (Dragons)

by Horiyoshi III

Deluxe, limited edition (2000 copies worldwide), hardbound cloth cover book that features embossed and laquered titles with calligraphy by Horiyoshi III. There will not be a softcover edition of this book. Produced and printed in Sweden by Kofuu Senjuu Publications.

Two-hundred new dragon designs represent some of Horiyoshi III's most energetic and experienced design to date. Most of the dragons are paired with deities, heroes, or enemies, making this book a rich tattoo reference. A name index is included at the back of the book.

When this book was created, the goal was to produce a high-quality reference built to last spiritually, artistically, and physically. The finest printing house in Sweden was used and it is now a true joy to behold; the quality and textures of this book are outstanding.

For more on Horiyoshi III, visit: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/tattoo/horiyoshi3/

Hardcover. 200 pages. Measures 10" X 14"

$299.99 USD

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