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Neo-Traditional Tattooing


by Link Bossman

Watch one of Australia's most innovative and prolific tattoo artists as he executes a Neo-traditional style tattoo from start to finish. His narration takes you step-by-step through his choice of subject matter while he goes into detail about inks, needles, and machines used in the creation of this tattoo.

Link Bossman started his career as a tattoo artist over two decades ago in Australia and has by now, literally, tattooed the world while working as a guest artist on almost every continent. His tattoos and artwork have been seen in countless magazines and books and, for the first time, will be presented live in this DVD.

Chapters Include:
- Designing the Tattoo
- Tools and Color Palette
- Applying the Stencil
- Beginning the Outline
- Shading around the Tattoo
- Beginning with Black
- Adding Color Part 1
- Adding Color Part 2
- Adding Highlights and Final Details

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DVD. NTSC Format. 1 hour 49 minutes.

$98.99 USD

Not available in Canada.