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Boog - From the Street with Love

by Miki Vialetto

This book from Italy features over 1000 designs on 150 sheets of tattoo flash by the master of American chicano-style tattoo flash, Boog. This book is hard to find in North America, but it is currently IN STOCK!!!

This book is massive; it weighs over 6 pounds. It measures 12" X 16" and is just under 1 1/2" thick! The book is expensive, but it works out to only $2 per page. From the shiny gold scripted lettering on the reddish brown metallic hardcover, to the ultra-thick cardstock type pages that are printed with extremely high production values, this is not your average tattoo book.

It contains Boog's latest and best new designs plus all of his classics. It also has lots of Boog's script, making it is a complete reference not only for gangster tattoo flash, but for custom lettering work as well.

In my final pictures I show this book up against a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash book, just so you can see how large this book is by comparison. It is at least 6 times thicker than Sailor Jerry's book!

Metal ringbound hardcover. 150 pages. Measures 12" X 16"

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